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In casting the movie, they selected actors with a combined four million followers on social media, led by Carmine, Dávila, Izarra, Victor Drija and Nick Hounslow, all but ensuring a strong awareness in the marketplace.

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In a move aimed at powering up more content for the massive U.S. Hispanic market and beyond, leading indie production shingle BTF Media has teamed up with L.A.-based American Cinema Inspires (ACI) to develop and produce a slew of Hispanic productions with predominantly U.S. Latino talent.

Leading the vanguard is Sandra Martin’s “Finding Love in San Antonio,” which follows Adela, a successful Latina chef in L.A. (played by Valentina Izarra), who is offered a plum job at a new network series that will send her across Europe. While visiting San Antonio, she meets David (George Akram), a local food writer who wrote a blistering piece about her. Their unlikely romance will lead to Adela’s rediscovery of her hometown and force her to decide whether she should stay in San Antonio or accept the once-in-a-lifetime job offer.

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Izarra, whose program bio says she studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, doesn’t have an ounce of pretentiousness in her genuine Jersey girl portrayal. One minute, she’s frenetically unearthing Scientific American magazines hidden under her couch like X-rated magazines, the next minute she’s chain smoking and maniacally culling the want ads for jobs, while in another quick breath, she’s misty eyed as she wants to become suitor to her best girl friend. When she describes Claire as tasting like “Sprite without the bubbles,” Izarra conjures sensuality with a simple girlish grin. When Julie suffers heartbreak, there’s a collective sigh as the audience gets swept away by the actress’s earnest approach.”

— Florida On Stage

Julie Johnson doesn’t work without an appealing Julie, and Kutumba’s production certainly has one in Izarra. She is quirky as she reveals to Claire the stacks of science magazines she has hidden from her hubby, as if they were porn; sympathetic as she bears the verbal abuse of her self-centered daughters Lisa (Skylar Voelker) and Frankie (Julianna Rector); needy and determined as she interacts with her influential teacher, Mr. Miranda (Doug Wetzel). Izarra’s radiant Julie weathers each setback, and the audience roots for her as she pursues her dreams.”

-Miami Herald

"…if you didn’t feel good watching Izarra hilariously and sweetly stumble and fumble and awkwardly navigate these life-changing choices, then you may not be human."


The actors surrounding him, especially during chorus scenes when they all talk at him at once, fill out the moodiness of this nasty world. Izarra in particular infuses her Vicky with the nuances of a vulnerable but tough mother.

-New Times

"...Danny and the Deep Blue Sea has Belz and Valentina Izarra sparring for seventy minutes of totally engrossing theatre… Belz and Izarra have complete control of more emotions than Freud ever dreamed of… Belz and Izarra are dueling and loving with such intensity that anything beyond them is superfluous.”


"We saw this play at 2nd Stage in New York… the work here by Izarra and McKinney actually lands a far more emotional punch.”

-Florida Theater On Stage

… her (Izarra’s) Kayleen impressively ripens into a furious, damaged, self-destructive woman.”

-Miami Herald


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